Avebury Tea Towel Design

Here is one of my designs in response to the ‘Frames of Reference’ project, aiming to engage the community of Amesbury with Wiltshire’s heritage sites.

I went to Avebury stones and spent time sketching and observing how people and every day life exists with the ancient stones in a modern day context. I wanted to create a colourful design that illustrated Avebury stones in a way that local people could relate to, and a tea towel design seemed like a big blank canvas which also has a function in the home.

The Red Lion pub seems to be a hub of activity and socialising within Avebury, so I thought it would sit well within the middle of the design, it is such a beautiful building too. Anyone who has been to the Avebury stone circle will know how the sheep happily graze away around the stones too, it’s such a unique setting, and the stones themselves have such a presence, people spent minutes gazing upwards infront of them at their beauty.

It was fun to create my own hand lettering too, I put my skills learnt to good use from the sign writing ‘Better Letters’ course I went on last year.

Below is an image of me holding a printed sample, I’m happy with the quality so should be getting some more printed soon!